Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Monday at the latest!

We just got back from our last appointment with Dr. Huh. As much as I wanted to wait for the surprise of labor, we asked if/when I could be induced after my due date (Friday), and she agreed to let us set up an appointment for this Sunday night at 9pm. I'm really glad she was open to letting us make the decision as I've heard that some dr's aren't always as willing to schedule an induction unless it's absolutely necessary. Plus, Dr. Huh is on call at the hospital on Monday so she will be able to spend more time with us and will definitely be the one to deliver the baby (assuming everything moves along).

So. . . I think I might be freaking out a little bit, but I'm not sure.

Yep, I am.

Of course, there's always a chance that the baby could come before Sunday, but I feel like I can go about my days a little more easily now knowing that's the latest it will be.


DCooley said...

I heard that sex sometimes "moves things along." Just a suggestion.

Kyle Long said...

just wanted to say good luck!!! not that me being an uncle is comparable... but dan is def. right, there's quite a treat waiting at the end of all this hard work!!

Natalie said...

Good luck tomorrow night, you guys!! Can't wait to meet the little nugget. :-) love you.

Ivanamama said...

good luck! so excited for you both :)