Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blog Title

We weren't happy with our original blog title "Jackson's Parents Blog". It was sorta just a place holder. Missy came up with Jackson's Action, which I really like. That said, we're open to suggestions. Leave a comment if you have a good idea - it doesn't have to have "Jackson" in the title necessarily. Try to get creative folks. I'll narrow it down to a few and we'll post a poll to settle this democratically. Thanks.


Gary Long said...

"Jackson's Action" is a great name for this chapter in your life, and who would dare attempt to suggest another?
Nonetheless, if you are considering a broader scope to transcend time in all that is Schneller, may I be so bold as to suggest - "The Schneller Teller"
It is simple, has a ring, and beckons the posting of all that is Schneller related and worthy of noting.
Just having fun with you guys, and enjoying every posting, regardless of your blog name. Are we allowed to call him "Jack"?
Ryan's GP "G"

cas said...

So far he goes by Jack, Jackson, JP and probably some others I can't think of. They're all fine with us!

Natalie said...

I really like Jackson's Action...but I'm pretty sure your second born is going to end up in therapy if you don't change it when she's born. Big hugs and smooches to Jackson!!!!!

Drew Brennan said...

Cas, here you go (sorry I like these types of contests)....

Addicted to Jack
Jack's FM
Apple Jacks!
Jackson's Highjinx
The World According to Jack
The Jackson Jive
Jack 2K7!
Welcome to the Jackson Jungle!
The Juice on Jackson
Just Joggin' with Jack

Peggy said...

The Daily JP Nipple Nose News

DCooley said...

Jackson's Hole

Mark said...

Congratulations you guys. We just got back and were longing to see the new addition. You guys look great, what a cute furry little monkey.
Jack is a great name. Missy not up for much "action" I'm guessing? You'll be way to tired for that.

Love you both! He is amazing!
Lonna and Mark