Sunday, August 5, 2007

Getting Ready to Go

Thanks to everyone who wrote over the weekend, wishing us luck! We are just getting organized right now. I have to call the hospital at 8 (3 hrs from now) to make sure they've got room for us to come tonight at 9. I don't anticipate any problems, but I'm trying to hold back my excitement until we know for sure that we're in.

I was having a few contractions last night, but they sort of dwindled off after we went to bed. The baby seems to be in a different position even just from yesterday, so hopefully it won't take too much coaching (a.k.a. drugs) tonight to get the little bugger out! Edie and I were joking today that it (I can't wait to stop saying that) has probably just braced itself on all sides of my body because it doesn't want to come out. Let's hope not. . .

Anyway, thanks again to everyone. We will definitely send an update as soon as we are able tomorrow. We are so excited!

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