Monday, August 6, 2007

The girl who cried wolf

Okay our credibility around here is shot. Probably not going in tonight either. Obviously not what we wanted to hear, but apparently there are some 41 week-ers that "have priority." Whatever.

Cathie (Missy's mom) is here and we've been trying to convince Missy that she is having contractions but Missy keeps mumbling something about ethics and honesty. I just want to get her into one of those valuable slots in the maternity ward. So maybe she'll get there the old fashioned way, through natural labor.

We really don't know when she'll get in for her inducement. I'll update the blog once we know more but it could be a while (days?). We're both really excited and frankly it was pretty hard to hear Sunday night was the night and now we're waiting some more. Jeez, if this keeps up, I'm renting Sicko. Nothing we can really do though, EXCEPT THREATEN TO CALL MICHAEL MOORE. Hahahahahaha. See how they like that. Three words: Ex-po-zay

Unless something happens tonight I'm back to work tomorrow to keep myself busy.


Natalie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cas said...

natalie, get a life. I posted that 4 seconds ago

cas said...

natalie, i'm sorry for insulting you. Please reinstate your deleted post. It was very nice.

Trina said...

Ahh, that stinks! I hope your luck does not rub off on us Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Missy and Cas
You are in my thoughts. What an exciting time for you. You will be great parents!
Billie JO