Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In Case of Emergency, Breakdance

A good friend with two kids recently told me that life gets really interesting when your kid doesn't stay where you put him.

Jackson has already figured out how to do the worm. Those of you at our wedding will remember that Missy did the worm in her wedding dress on the dance floor. Jackson may look more like me, but he got Mom's dance moves. The picture below is of our little breakdancer, who shimmied his booty from the left side of the blanket below and turned 90 degrees to end up on the other side.

Work it, J-dog.

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Mom Linda said...

Oh, that little bundle of joy. I'll be smiling all day. Love you all madly!!!! I'm still working on a name for me...Papa Bear thinks "Honey Bear" might be good. Any ideas? xoxo