Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It's peanut butter jelly time!

(click me) Finally, we've made it into the hospital! After a bunch of delays we made it in around 7pm tonight. Missy has started her pitocin and the contractions should be starting soon. We have a really nice nurse which makes this a lot easier. Missy reminded me that I can keep making jokes to lighten the mood until the contractions hurt too much. Then, I have to be all business. Roger that.
Thanks to all for the support we've been getting. Hopefully the next update is a baby announcement.


Anonymous said...

(said like napoleon)
i'm excited,
love you guys!

Anonymous said...

also, do you think it'd be possible to give a play by play of the labor? i'd like to feel like i'm there. thanks.

cas said...

Missy just went to the bathroom. Stay tuned.

tom said...

Ohhh snap! You guys are in, and soon it will be out. We're very excited!

Hopefully you've got your cell phone rigged up for blogger mobile photos and some mobile YouTube action?

Mama Cools said...

Wooohooo! Finally!! Ryan is sending boy vibes your way-he wants a nd college roommate like his dad had.