Monday, August 27, 2007

New title: The Schneller Teller

Thanks for all the votes and congrats to Gary Long for coming up with the most popular blog title. We agree that The Schneller Teller will keep Jackson's future siblings out of therapy (Natalie, thank you for alerting us that Jackson's Action could technically represent favoritism).

We'll get some more pics up soon.


ebrown said...

I hope Jackson is ready for his first football game on Saturday! I can't wait to see him decked out in his Fighting Irish gear. Though I'm sorry we won't be around for a couple wknds to watch together. Let's hope he's a good luck charm! Love, ebrown

Anonymous said...

I love the new title. I voted for it!! I am hoping entries also include news on Missy and Cass. The Chi town people miss you! I can't wait to meet the lil guy when I am out your way. He is adorable. I am so happy for you both.

Love- Stacey Mack

mommypic said...

Oh, my dad is most likely beaming with pride! :)