Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nipple Confusion

Hi everyone- thank you to all of you who posted comments over the past few days. They were all so fun to read and it made us feel so good to know you were checking in on us!

Jackson is 6 days old today and he's just awesome. Basically I just stare at him all day and then at 5:00, I wonder why I haven't gotten anything done. I love it.

You're probably wondering what the title of this post means. This picture should explain everything:
I put Jackson in bed with Cas yesterday morning and this is how he chose to awaken his sleeping father. Cas didn't seem to mind, so I might have to try it sometime.

We have been having a ton of fun this week and are learning a ton about our new little boy. I think the biggest challenge so far has been timing the diaper changes to avoid a certain spraying from a certain body part. We learned our lesson the hard way on Monday when Jackson sprayed Cas, his own face, the changing table and half of the nursery with Number 1 (I have to use mom words now). I thought that stuff only happened in the movies. Whoever invented that Peepee Teepee thingy is a genius and will be receiving a donation from us via our local Babies 'R Us very soon.

Here are the Day 5 photos.
And here are the Day 6 photos.


Sean said...

Congrats you guys! Jack is so, so cute! I hope you're getting some sleep! We can't wait to meet him!


Anonymous said...

i remember the time i was changing morgan's diaper when he was about 1 year old...i had to leave the room to go get something and when i came back he was standing up, peeing everywhere in the room...that was fun to clean up!

Kerry said...

Wanted to let you know that we check in on Jackson everyday here at OneBeacon. (I am sure we should be working on something)He is just adorable - enjoy every minute!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he thought it was a nipple because you're a big boob. And it should be Action Jackson. Word. Congrats.

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