Tuesday, September 18, 2007

First Family Road Trip

Sorry for the delay, but we had our first road trip last weekend and the prospect of packing for this kept me preoccupied for about two weeks. Just kidding. . . but not really.

For those of you who know Dan O'Neal, he got married in Newport Beach last weekend. For those of you who don't, the best man at our wedding (and Cas's childhood friend) got married in Newport Beach last weekend. The pictures from the weekend will be here once I can get Kodak Gallery to work.

B.C. (see definition below), the trip south should have taken us about 6 hours. Instead it took us 8 to get there and about 8 1/2 to get back. We had to stop a few more times coming home because every time we would put Jackson in his car seat he would look at us and say, "I know you di'n't just put me in this $#!% car seat again." Oh yes, we did. Poor little guy.

He was soooooooooooooo good all weekend. Slept through the wedding. Slept through the reception. Slept through the nigh. . .oh wait, he didn't do that (at all), but that's our fault for letting him sleep through the wedding and the reception. He made us look good while we were out in public though and that's the important thing.

All in all, it was a successful first family vacation. Up next is my trip home to South Dakota in two weeks and I can't wait! I am a little nervous about flying by myself, mostly because I don't want to be "that lady" holding up the security line. My strategy will be to dress Jackson in something so cute that no one could possibly be upset with his lovely mother.

B.C.= before children


Natalie said...

Maybe he'll sleep allll the way to South Dakota....and then he can be Grandma's problem. :-)

Can't wait to see you guys in a week!!! xoxo

DCooley said...

If kodak isn't working, maybe you should try Flickr. I heard it's really nice.

Mama Cools said...

I don't think a cute outfit could make him any cuter! I want to meet him!!

You guys will do great on the flight...I'm sure of it.

Anonymous said...

B.C.= before child. not plural yet. duh. also, i heard that dcooley uses and abuses Flickr.