Sunday, September 2, 2007

First ND game and some other updates

First off, week 3 pics here.

On Saturday, Jack was introduced to a lifetime of ups and downs that come with the territory as an ND fan. Notre Dame had its worst home opener loss ever. Thankfully Jack slept through most of it and had no idea what was going on. Lucky him.

Before anyone calls Child Protective Services on us, just know that we only let him have 2 beers AND we took his keys. How dare you rush to judgment.
We had to put him in his bouncy chair to calm him down because he was so upset that our Offensive Line (appropriately named) couldn't pick up the delayed blitz. ALL. DAY. We lost 33-3 to Georgia Tech.
Last week, my co-workers threw us a little baby shower and it gave us a chance to show Jackson where Dad goes everyday. He made us look VERY good because he was so calm during his visit.

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