Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gift from GrannyLin (or whatever she ends up going with)

A number of years ago, my Mom saw an article in a magazine about a mother who took a picture of her son in the same pair of adult-sized jeans and white button down shirt every year until he grew into the outfit. She saw it too late to do the same with me, but it's not too late for Jackson! She gave us an outfit so we can do the same - of course, there's a little different spin... (pic below)

Thanks Mom! Great idea.

Some of you may have heard, Jackson has quit drinking (beer) for the rest of the Notre Dame season. After the last game, he started throwing his toys around and cursing ND. I think he really did a lot of self-reflection over the last week and I doubt we'll see that behavior again. I think that shows a lot of maturity. Frankly, 3 weeks ago when he was half his age now, I'm not sure he was a big enough man to admit he was wrong. He was also very embarrassed that his image was all over this website with a beer in hand. He realizes that this digital age is very unforgiving - you can't let your guard down for a second. He wanted me to post this written apology to all his fans:

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Touching indeed.


Mama Cools said...

Looks like he's back and ready to cheer on the Irish today. I also had to give Ryan a little talking to and let him know that even though we may be disappointed with the repeated performance of ND, we will not give up on them-we are not fair-weather fans. He's ready for today.

Mama Cools said...

Oh, on another note. I think the title of this post is hilarious as we have the same bit of identity crisis situation going on with the Cooley/Long grandparents.

Anonymous said...

A monumental tribute to Jackson for goin' "cold turkey" off his developing drinking problem. If you're an Irish fan and can refrain from imbibing this year, you are one disciplined dude! As stated in the blog, this depicts a level of growth and maturity unprecedented in 6 week olds. Did he detox with Lohan, Spears, and the Hilton crowd or just tuff it out at home? Either way, this demonstrates he is destined to do great things, that's for sure...
Thanks Cas, I cracked up over the post :-)
Grampa "G"
Note to Mama cools - I have never wavered from my new found identity as Ryan's Grampa "G"!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Tell Jackson he can start drinking again next year. Don't let him be a quitter so soon.


Anonymous said...

Missy,Cass, and Jack,

You will love doing this with the football jersey. When Dan was born we put him in a Minnesota football jersey with the number 77 on it because of course he was born in 1977. We took his picture in it every year we could on his birthday. We still have the jersey and we will be taking his picture in it this year on his 30th birthday....WOW, never thought I would be saying that...annie cooley

Peggy said...

He's just the cutest and the coolest.