Sunday, November 4, 2007

Guess who's back...back again...Jackson's back...tell a friend

Just so everyone knows, Jackson's contract stipulates that we take 2 week breaks every so often from posting. It's sort of an over-exposure thing. He saw what happened to Dane Cook's career - he got really popular, really quickly and now everybody's sick of him and he does every movie offered to him. That's not how you build the "Jackson" brand.

During the two week blog break, Jackson has mostly been touring the Bay Area meeting his fans, signing autographs (read: spitting up on his fan's clothing) and performing for live audiences. It just got so crazy after the Hammer Time video - that video totally blew up (over 220 views on YouTube). We're ready to release his next video, a dance video called "Sexy Back". Choreographed by Missy, directed by Cas, backup dancing by Linda.

Here are some additional 3 month pictures


Anonymous said...

lindas gots da moves

Anonymous said...

Jackson, I can't wait to dance with you!! You Rock.
He has definitely inherited his mom and dad's great dancing ability... I refer especially to the wedding reception --"dance off"--

Since you have used the "dance off" to settle disagreements as a couple in the past-- I'm sure you will use it as a family, especially as Jackson becomes a rebelious teenager. I venture to say - it looks like J. will be winning hands down.....and by then it may just be too late to get your "sexy back". So I'm wishing you luck, in advance. :)
Auntie Peggy