Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas #2 at Missy's

We've had lots of fun the last few days. Full picture set here.

Here are some highlights of the trip so far...

Jackson & some Rogers-es & some Aberles


DCooley said...

Hey guys, great pics. Cas, you look good in those jammie pants. Did you enjoy the Wii? And did you guys get Guitar Hero? I want to see how it is.

And I am a little confused at the Aberle Christmas present opening. Do you get in your jammies at night before you open gifts and enjoy a couple of cocktails or are the cocktails enjoyed in the morning when you just woke up? The cocktails and jammies in the same picture threw me off a bit. Whatever happens, it looks like fun.

cas said...

Good question. We are not that crazy - the cocktails happen on Christmas Eve (night) where we get in jammies and open all the non-Santa gifts.

The Wii is awesome. haven't played guitar hero yet (it's for xbox) but can't wait.

What wii games should we get?

Mama Cools said...

Looks like Dan and I are the only ones who comment anymore. We check for Jackson updates all the time! Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us...looks like fun and you all look smashing.

Missy said...

I know! We check yours too- I liked the 15 billion updates you guys had over Christmas. You really are putting us to shame!