Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh hey, hello there

Just wanted to remind everyone that I'm still here. My lack of posting has been partly due to getting busy at work, but mostly due to how good of a job Missy is doing. She has set the bar high lately and I naturally only want to post equally good material. You might be thinking, 'hmmm this post is pretty lame and doesn't even have pictures on it so it is NOT as good as Missy's posts'. If you are thinking that, please stop.

The 3 of us are excited to head to South Dakota Saturday. We're going to have a little mini-Christmas celebration on Friday night in San Francisco where the 3 of us will exchange gifts. (Let's hope Jackson did some of his own shopping or this will be pretty one-sided). I'm convinced that I got Jackson the coolest gift ever. That actually gives me an idea, maybe we will let the readers decide with a vote after all his gifts are revealed.

One last point before I sign off. I want to credit Augy and Kelly Rizo with the best nickname to date for Jackson Paul.

They call him "Jota Pe" (pronounced Hoda Pay). It is "J.P." in Spanish. I think it sounds pretty good.

We also learned recently that despite every possible effort we made to steer clear of 'names-that-can-easily-be-made-fun-of-in-grade-school', we may have failed. Some of you may know that my name rhymes with "Ass" and that certainly wasn't lost on 3rd graders at St. Nicholas. Well, my Mom heard a story about another Jack. He went to school his first day and there were two Jacks in the class. So Jack number 1 became "Jack S." (his last name starts with S, like ours). And of course he comes home day 1 from school and asks "what's a JackAss" (sounds like Jack S). Damn, can't win.


Laurie said...

LOL!!!! Poor kid-

Natalie said...

Jota Pe -- I love it...sounds like a Star Wars character. Aren't you guys going to post the doctored up pic of JP and his boys?!