Thursday, January 24, 2008

Email Me! Thanks. Sincerely, Jackson

Mom and Dad are constantly up in my bizz-niss. I had to get my own email address or else I would never have any privacy. You can holla at me at Here's a picture of me checking scores, stocks, downloading baby einstein on my nano, whatev. That's how I roll. Boo-ya-ka-sha!


P.S. I'm not going bald, I just sleep on my back a lot.


Anonymous said...


I couldn't help but notice on your blizznog that you are throwing back a little "Fat Tire" while you chat with the ladies on the internet. Just be careful with the sauce. Don't start too early and too often. Take it from uncle Riz. Anyway, keep the giggles coming and you seem to be quite the daddy mack with how you roll. Just remember as a great man once said:

"Parents just don't understand" -William Smith

Elmo Loves you,

Anonymous said...

Hi J-mo,

I'm blown away at how SMART and "cool" you are --- at only 6 months!!!!!!-- the computer, email address, stocks, your fan club, etc etc.

I've only heard about children like you..... never thought I'd get to meet one --- let alone be related! Word of caution... childhood can go by fast... enjoy it! --Perks like the live in staff,the excellent service,free housing and no "duties", the rice being fed one spoonful at a time by a gorgeous woman, the social life, etc etc. is to be savored as long as you can...
...Enjoy your infancy you'll be surprised how quickly it turns into toddlerhood....and then--- you got responsibilities!.... You've probably already googled it -- and know what's on the horizon....


All the best,I love you,