Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rice cereal

Here are a few videos of Jackson eating rice cereal for the first time. Yes, I realize that my hand is in front of his face the entire time; but at least you can see the aftermath of each bite. Sometimes I forget that I'm left-handed.

Speaking of bites, we've got some teeth trying to poke through. Tonight was actually a pretty tough night. In a way, it helps to know that he is teething, but it's so hard to watch him struggle and cry. One of the bottom ones has already broken the surface, so I think the second one is giving him some trouble now. Poor little dude.


edie said... appears that he likes this cereal stuff...

Natalie said...

I think he's ready for steak.

Anonymous said...

He is so freaking cute!!! It's so fun watching Jackson and Ryan grow up! Wish I could see more of them!

Tim Cooley