Thursday, January 31, 2008

Swimming lessons!

For the past three weeks, we've been taking Jackson to a 30 minute swim class at Cas's gym. The class consists of us just taking him up and down the lanes, on his tummy and on his back. Surprisingly, he hasn't cried yet, even when we dunk him. As you'll see from the pictures, he just sits there, expressionless, like he's just waiting for us to finish having fun with him. No eye contact, at all. The class is only 30 minutes long because the little ones can only take so much of the water before they get too cold. We have a little rash guard that he wears to keep him warm, but usually by the end of the class his bottom lip is quivering. Mom, don't call DSS.

It's a blast!

Here are a few pictures from last Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I like the family shot you have where he is looking at you guys like you are completely insane.


Missy said...

Haha- I know! That was at the end where he was getting cold.

Laurie said...

Yeah, Jackson looks like he thinks its a 'blast' too-- the little boys look like a future men's water polo team-- too cute!