Monday, February 25, 2008

Three Amigos Reunion Tour

Rowan and Henry came over to play last week, so of course, we had to take a new picture to see their progress. I'll put the original down below so you can see how big they have grown! Rowan and Jackson are 5 weeks older than Henry so he wasn't quite able to participate, but I'm sure he'll be ready for them next time. We did find out that Henry is a sympathetic crier. At one point, Jackson got a little overwhelmed and started to fuss. Henry had been playing happily, but once he looked over and saw Jackson, he started crying too. It was really sweet.

It is really fun to watch them interact. Basically they just steal toys from each other and grab each other's faces. The moms just sit back and referee to make sure no one gets hurt. . . much.

I will get the pictures of them playing posted soon!

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Mama Cools said...

Love seeing an update on all the boys. Ryan is a sympathetic crier too. Should make for fun times in Meheeko.