Monday, February 25, 2008

Um, yeah. Sorry about that.

I see my last post was from January, so I must apologize for the laziness. This is unacceptable. I promise to never have such a long break in between again. Since my last post, Jackson has gotten his driver's license, graduated from high school, and gone off to college. My, how the time flies.

Actually, we did have one big life event in January. Jackson was baptized on January 27th. It was a really fun day, and considering Jackson had already gone to swim class and had a bath that morning, he was quite the trooper getting his head wet a third time. Here are the pictures from the big day.

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Mama Cools said...

FINALLY!! Welcome back, my friend. We have missed you.

Great pics (and comments) on the Baptism. Jackson wasn't as girly as hopefully he can feel a little better knowing that!