Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Few Reasons Not to Buy Nice Furniture

I went into Jackson's room at the beginning of the week and noticed that some paint had chipped (or so I thought) on the corner of his crib.  It looked like this:

Then, I looked at Jackson and he just happened to have the same color of paint around his mouth.  Interesting. . . 
So, I continued to survey the crib and soon realized why he had been so quiet lately when I wouldn't immediately get him in the morning.

It looks like he was counting the minutes that he was left alone.  He has done this around the front three sides of the crib and now that his top teeth are coming in, there are little grooves on the top of the rails too.  I think it might be too late to get the guards.


Anonymous said...

Like son, like mother,or is it the other way around???? you enjoyed your crib too, if I remember right!!!!!!!!!!!

laurie said...

looks like the tops of the heads of all your stuffed animals Mis!

Anonymous said...


well well Missy your crib looked just like that, all three sides, one side was plastic and you couldnt get through that. You were such a talented baby. Love mom