Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jackson LOVES the water

We've been spending some time in Los Altos since it's been warming up 'round here. For those non-San Franciscans, the city doesn't actually get much warmer (remember that when you vacation here), but the surrounding areas have normal summer weather. Of course, when we head to Granny Lin and Papa Bear's house, we are now required to bring Jackson's hot tub gear. Here are a few pictures from our last visit. I'd say he got pretty relaxed.

Also, these are just some random pictures from a while ago. Jackson has since gotten his first real haircut, so he looks a little more put together now. The first few pics in this group were funny because Jackson was just looking up at the flowers and screaming/laughing. I don't know if the mirrors were throwing him off???

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Natalie said...

how cute -- I love the pics of him sacked out in the hot tub!!! Can't wait to kiss him next month.