Monday, January 5, 2009

Old pictures

I realize that not everyone is on Facebook, so here are my pictures from Thanksgiving at the Tognetti house (and some other random ones).    My whole side of the family was there, so we had a mini-Christmas celebration.  It was so fun, as always, especially with having all 8 grandkids together under one roof.

 On another note, my due date is this Saturday.  Three words:  I AM READY.  This baby feels heavier than Jackson did at this point.  I guess it could be because it's a second pregnancy, and the muscles are a little looser, but I won't be surprised if this kid weighs more than the 8lbs 2 oz that Jackson was.  More than anything, we are just excited to find out if we've got another little boy or a little girl.  Not knowing this time has been much harder!  

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Mama Cools said...

I agree. It's been harder this time around not knowing. Hang in there sweetie! Can't wait to hear all about what I'm in for in 4 months!!