Thursday, February 19, 2009

Better take advantage of naptime

Not to overwhelm everyone, but I have a little free time so I had best use it to avoid the wrath of Edie. These are some pictures from Mila's first month and some funny ones of Jackson, who is becoming quite the little boy.

Mila May- 1 Month

Jackson has started to repeat EVERYTHING and it's so fun. I guess it's time for Cas to cut down on his swearing- just kidding. Anyway, it's just cute to hear how they interpret the sounds we make.

Here is a short list of his words, so far:

Avocado - he knows what they are and loves them. Only in California. . .
Triangle - he's great with the sorting cube
Oh boy!
Oh wow!
Thank you

Also, a belated congratulations to Ben and Heather Volkman! Little Bella was born a week early, on January 31.


From Mila May- 1 Month


Mila May - Week 2

Ok, I realize it's been way too long since we've posted some pictures of Mila. My excuse is that I took two weeks to enjoy her and then I went to work since it's year-end reporting time for my company. I work at home, but it was still crazy busy. I am glad that everything is winding down now and I can actually start taking in what it means to be a mother of two.

Jackson had a rough couple of weeks once Cas went back to work and my mom was gone. I think it was then that he realized that it was just going to be the three of us during the day. He has now adjusted to having her around and likes to put blankets (on her face) and stick her pacifier in her mouth. Usually he misses and tries to stick it in her eye, so I'm always there watching. He also tries to smack her in the head every once in a while, but I think that's just his version of a love tap. In short, I think he likes her!

I am going to try my best to put up regular posts from here on out!