Friday, March 27, 2009

Auntie Natty's visit

Auntie Natty was here a few weeks ago and we had so much fun with her!  I think the biggest event that occurred while she was here was Jackson's haircut.  In case you haven't noticed from some of the pictures, we gave him a buzz cut.  I personally like his hair better long, but it was a fun thing to try. . . for us.  Jackson didn't enjoy it one bit.  Thanks for coming, Nat!  We're excited to see you guys this weekend.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wheeeeeeeeere's Mila?

Once Jackson decided that he loved his little sister, he was always wanting to cover her with blankets, give her drinks from his sippy and even give her food. The sippy cup thing wasn't a big deal, because he would just set it beside her. The food thing is a little scary, but I don't ever leave them alone together, so it's an easy thing to stop. Now, you would think that covering her with blankets wouldn't be a big deal, unless it's like this:

Yes, those are her feet sticking out. We kept saying "Jackson don't cover her face", but all he understood was COVER HER FACE, which only made things worse! Now we make sure to tell him to "just cover her toes" and he gets it.

Here is a link to some pictures of the two of them.

A Mila May photo shoot

I can't believe that Mila is already 10 weeks old. She was being cute in her crib the other day, so I had a little photo session with her.

I finally have my "To Do" list tackled, so I should have more posting time in the next few weeks. We are headed to South Dakota tomorrow morning to introduce Mila to the rest of the family and I am so excited! Don't worry, Cas is coming too. I'm definitley not ready to hop on a plane with two of them yet.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Cooleys were here!

Dan, Sharis and Ryan were in town last weekend and we got to spend some quality time with them. It was really fun to see Jackson and Ryan play; they seem to be on the same wavelength and got along pretty well.

Here are some pics from our time together.

We miss you guys already!

Eating a gourmet breakfast (scrambled eggs are so complicated)

Not sure what was going on here. Apparently we spent a lot of time at the table.

Wrestling with exotic animals (the lizard, not Dan)

Playing with new toys

Telling dirty jokes

Snuggling with Daddy