Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jackson turns 2

Jackson's birthday fell on a weekend this year, so we were able to have his party on the actual day (August 9th). We invited a few of his friends down to Los Altos to celebrate with the rest of the family at Papa Bear and Grinny's house. He fell asleep at 6:30, so I think he enjoyed himself!

I just can't believe Jackson is already 2 years old. Actually, I can believe it, because he is a little turd these days, but it all just happened so fast! He is really becoming quite the chatterbox and loves to play with Mila. By playing, I mean he loves to pile his toys on top of her. That's a hard one because she enjoys every minute of it- I guess maybe she doesn't need as much oxygen as the rest of us (kidding).

Jackson knows all of his letters (I'll try to post a video of him showing off soon) and numbers 1-10. He is speaking in complete sentences (short ones) and repeating EVERYTHING. It's awesome. We also put him in his bed a few weeks ago and that is going fairly well. He naps just fine, but at night he has been waking up more, which is a bummer since now we have to get up with him. It's been a loooooooooooooong time since both kids have slept through the night.

Here are a few more pics from the last month:

New "Thomas" shirt
Auntie Stacey and Mila
Swimming with Daddy
Bella and Mila
The best family pic we could get
Happy Birthday, Jackson!

More party pics here.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Jackson! The pictures are just adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like he has some new Thomas stuff to keep him occupied.
Happy Birthday Jackson!


Natalie said...

yay for Jack and his letters!! Such a smarty.

The Little Biscuit said...

Missy! I've totally enjoyed catching up on jackson's and mila's latest antics! Could they be any cuter? Thanks for sharing!!!